"Osotna Osa, Hkayetna Jorsa" (english: What a Shame) was the first show that AJYAL Theatrical Group ever performed. On the opening night May 12, 1989, at the Attic Theater in Detroit, nine actors performed on stage to only four people in the audience. The group was very new and unknown to the public, and the marketing of the show was very weak. But, the show went on and the number of audience grew night after night. The show was performed again in July of 1989 and March of 1990.

The show was written and directed by Najee Mondalek, and he was the lead actor in the show. Beside him was Ayman Safaoui, Hassan Haj, Sana' Khoury, Madisse Raie, Graciella Rashed, Ibrahim Zein, Mahasen Raie, & George Naddaf. Later on, Graciella was replaced by Lolita El-Hajj, and Sana' by Georgette Arnaout.

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