"Smile You're In Dearborn" premiered on June 1993 in Dearborn, Michigan. Michael Mondalek, Najee's young brother, played the lead role in this play, while Najee's concentration was on directing the show beside his small part in the play.

The show had a numerous of scenes changing and special effects and a lot of physical comedy. Also, It was the first play that AJYAL Theatrical Group presents that deal with social and cultural issues facing the Arab-American citizens in the USA.

"Im Hussein" character appeared in this show for the first time for few minutes in one of the skits. The show was videotaped but never been released.


"Smile You're In Dearborn" was written and directed by Najee Mondalek, and was performed by: Michael Mondalek, Ayman Safaoui, Hassan Haj, Lolita El-Hage, Christiane Yasso, Najee Mondalek, Madisse Raie, Elie Massoud, Mohammad Abou Eida, Salwa Abboud, Michael Massoud, Ayman Abou Eida.






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