"Break a leg" is a term used in show business to wish a good luck to an actor or theatrical group. We, at the "AJYAL Theatrical Group" don't like to use this term anymore. Two nights before the premier of "Come See.. Come Saw" in Detroit- Michigan, "Im Elias" (played by Michael Mondalek), had a car accident and broke her leg! She ended up performing her part on crutches.

The show was a mix of skits and stand-up performances by Im Hussein, Im Elias and Abou Hussein. It was performed in the 1998-1999 season in Detroit, Houston, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles & Ottawa. Written and directed by Najee Mondalek, the show has not yet been released yet.

"Come See.. Come Saw" cast list:
Najee Mondalek, Michael Mondalek, Ayman Safaoui, Hassan Haj, Lolita El-Hage Malisky, Christiane Yasso, Nicole Mashini, Christine Mondalek, Ibrahim Mouzanar, Badia Ashkar, Tom Malisky, & Eric Fountain.


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