Just when we thought that Im Hussein, Im Elias and their families were finally settled into the American way of life and had put all of their troubles behind them, the global economy takes a nosedive. What to do? If you've been following their comical cultural adjustments to American life, you can anticipate some hilarious situations in “Shoufou Alwawa Wayn” (Where Does It Hurt?) when they face foreclosure and a host of related money problems.

Im Hussein’s son, Hussein, who is four falafels short of being a financial wizard, single-handedly takes to rescuing the family business woes. He attempts to put some convoluted money-making schemes into action, however, that end up making the global financial crisis look like child’s play.

In the meantime, Hussein tries to get rid of his parent’s high mortgage by negotiating a short sale and bluffing the banks. As if that’s not going to bring enough trouble to the family, he uses Im Hussein’s name to apply for credit cards and loans. After the short sale fizzles, Hussein and his wife move into Im Hussein’s house. There, Hussein meets his new cousin, fresh from Lebanon and desperate to get a green card and stay in America. In another hair-brained scheme, Hussein tries to find a groom for $15,000 to marry his cousin. Therein lie the makings of a classic comedy involving family bickering, murder threats, business bankruptcy, the loss of thousands of dollars, and Im Elias and Im Hussein swapping identities to foil yet another problem.

Im Hussein, with her incomparable wit and wisdom, comes to the rescue. In the end, as is AJYAL’s custom, is a thought-provoking message for everyone. People become greedy, and they satisfy their greed in all sorts of illegal and legal ways. Im Hussein’s question “Where does it hurt?” is directed at all of us. In looking at our problems, we should return to the values, beliefs, and respect we first had for this wonderful country that welcomed us with open arms.

“Shoufou Alwawa Wayn" written by Najee Mondalek, and directed by Ray Alcodray From ATAG was premiered in Dearborn, Michigan on October 2009 and will be performed in 2010 in many cities in USA, Canada and Australia. 

"Shoufou Alwawa Wayn” Cast list:
Najee Mondalek, Michael Mondalek, Ayman Safaoui, Hassan Haj, Rita Srour, Rodney Karromi, Rabih Jaber, Nader Aoude, Rima Amine, Denise Siloac & Christine Mondalek.


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